This Website and Blog?

They're mostly for my entertainment and to document a few aspects of my life. I get a kick out of writing, but I do it in a very laid back style. There will be stupid (and sometimes brilliant) jokes. There'll might be some cursing, I may rant about environmental policy issues, and I make absolutely no promises that my Instagram will never have pictures of partially naked people riding inflatable pool toys down white water rapids.

Ye be warned.

the super official disclaimer so you don't die

Look, here's the deal. I'm not a professional. I'm not a doctor, an electrician, a Mercedes technician, a sponsored athlete, a carpenter, an engineer (you choose what sort), an ex-CIA hitman, or literally any other sort of professional anything. I'm not a rocket surgeon, a pirate captain, a Vegan, or a magician. I haven't even won a Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, or written a novel.

What I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightm... you know what? Never mind.

I have enough experience doing a fair bit of things that I'm not afraid to dive into something. Most of the time I can even get myself out of trouble. I make no promises or guarantees that the information on this website is correct. You should assume that it isn't, and do your own research so that you don't get killed based off of the advice of some random guy on the internet. Seriously, I don't want that on my conscience, and you're all very beautiful so please be smart about things and do your homework.

Associate Links

On occasions I may well use affiliate links when I'm talking about parts, tools, gear, material, or whatever else. I'm not looking to make the proverbial fat stacks here, just cover some of my hosting costs and Adobe liscenses.

So there it is. No bamboozles.